"Building dependence on the finished work of Christ while learning to love others for free."

Coffee and Conversations

This is our Podcast that involves a group of guys who want to know God and spur on thoughts of God while you listen to our conversations about Jesus. So as we say every week pull up a chair and join us with your cup of coffee and listen. While listening you may have a thought or a comment about one of the podcast, we would love to hear from you, where you are listening from, and any questions you may have;
Contact us through E-mail at jason@teleoridge.com or johnny@teleoridge.com .
We update the podcast every Monday Morning and our post are up by the afternoon.

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Teleo Ridge Blog
This is our means of keeping people updated monthly about Teleo Ridge Ministries and it gives us an opportunity to write articles about ministry and life. Please go to our blog site and subscribe to our page; leave your questions and comments we would love to hear from you on what is written:    http://www.teleo-ridge.blogspot.com

Monday Night Family Reunions

Monday Night is designated family time, it is our community of local folks coming together in our homes to seek the face of Jesus. When asked about Monday Nights description, the only sufficient answer is that it is a weekly family reunion. In this family reunion we pray, we sing, we read scripture, we have conversations, and we encourage one another to know God intimately. Monday nights are informal and relaxed; it is a come as you are, just as you are, time that is a safe place.

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