"Building dependence on the finished work of Christ while learning to love others for free."

About Teleo Ridge Ministries

The Name:

  • Teleo is a Greek word (ta-leh-o) from John 17:23 that means perfect or complete.

The Vision:

  • To fellowship with everyone we come in contact by loving them through authentic, spiritual, and community based agape relationships.

The Purpose:

  • Building dependence on the finished work of Christ while learning to love others for free.

The Community Statement:

  • Loving Mineola

The Ministry:

  • ·The life of Jesus being manifested in us, so that we may experience true (agape)
     relationships with one another, facing conflict and walking through life with one
     another finding our satisfaction in God. Ministry then is God working through us
     to others by the revelation of Jesus Christ to all man that they may by His blood
     live in God's smile.

The People:

  • Jason Goodson is a native of Mineola, TX and graduated from Mineola High School in 1992 and began attending East Texas Baptist University in the fall of 1993 where he began to lead in worship build relationships with others. Jason worked several summers at Lake Forest Ranch in Macon, MS where he tasted God in a real way and began to understand what was like to have an intimate relationship with a loving father. Jason met his wife Kathy Herndon at LFR during the summer of 1996; Kathy is from Broken Arrow, OK. Jason and Kathy were married on August 15, 1998 the same year Jason graduated from ETBU with a B.A. in Christian Ministries/Counseling.
        Four days after marriage Jason and Kathy began Seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological in FT. Worth, TX and Jason graduated in the spring of 2001 with an M.A.C.E in Youth/Camping Ministries. Jason and Kathy worked again at LFR in Macon, MS and began to travel with the band "Life of Worship" recording in the summer of 2002 the CD "In View of Your Mercy." In the winter of 2003 Jason and Kathy moved to Weston, FL and became associate youth pastor at FBC Weston leading the student band and working with small group discipleship. Jason and Kathy have two Children Zoe and Lucy.
        Jason is now living in Mineola and is the youth pastor at Hainesville Baptist Church and Co-director of Teleo Ridge Ministries. Jason writes about Teleo Ridge saying, "My heart for Teleo Ridge is that we would do only as God leads us by loving others for free and pointing others to Christ through community. My desire is that we would not have church but be the church the body of Christ loving others, walking through conflict, and seeing others experience a fresh taste of God. Psalms 34:8 states this, "O taste and see that the Lord is Good how blessed is the man who takes his refuge in Him." A taste of God brings a change that will last forever.

  • Johnny Taylor or Jaytee is a native of Mississippi and now lives in Mineola where he is Co-Director of Teleo Ridge Ministries and hopefully soon he will be overseeing the Teleo intern program called "Teleo House." Johnny and Jason have been friends since 1996. Johnny has worked for several ministries in the past and has a desire to live in community, building relationships, and pointing others to Christ.


  • Justin Neely   is currently a volunteer for us at Teleo Ridge Ministries.

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